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How long will a battery last in a hearing aid?

There are a variety of factors that affect the battery life in a hearing aid. You would think that since voltage of 1.45v is the same on all the batteries, the length of use would be the same. But, it is not true. If the person’s hearing is severe to pr ofound, the battery drain is higher and therefore less battery use length . As the physical size of the batteries decrease, there is less room for the ingredients needed to p ower the battery . The smaller the bat tery, the less the battery life will be.

Some clients wear their hearing aids twelve to sixteen hours a day. They will have fewer days per battery because battery life is measured in hours of use. If you only wear the hearing aids for a few hours a day, the batteries will last a little longer. However, wearing the hearing aids only a few hours a day defeats the purpose of purchasing the hearing aids in the first place. A person purchases hearing aids in order to hear their family and friends better. They will be aware of their surroundings and keep more mentally alert. If a person chooses not to wear their hearing aids at home because they think they don’t need them they are only short changing themselves and their family members. Wearing hearing aids can keep the wearer alerted to signals such as smoke detectors, doorbells, phone calls and the like. Being able to hear others is important to stay connected to life’s wonderful sounds.

Interestingly, humidity plays a factor in battery life too. If the humidity is too dry such as our homes in the winter months, the batteries can dry out, reducing battery life. On the other hand, high humidity can cause batteries to take on moisture and cause swelling. This also reduces the battery life.

Low temperatures can affect battery voltage and red uces battery life. And, interestingly, if you live in the mountains where there is less oxygen, battery life will be reduced. Batteries for hearing aids today have a tab on them. Once the tab is pulled, it usually takes up to a minute for the battery to be “aired up” or activated.

Use a fresh battery if you are going someplace special so you will not be caught with a low battery in the middle of the event.