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Technology Is Helping Make Hearing Aids More Attractive

The Latest Hearing Aid Technology Offers More Tech-Savvy Features & Style Options

Years ago hearing aids were big and bulky. They were very noticeable and uncomfortable. Batteries were big. And, hearing aids basically amplified sound to make it louder. The theory was that if you had hearing loss, you just needed the sounds louder so you could hear and understand speech.

Hearing aids are now highly technical and are becoming more popular. Since computer chips have become really small, hearing aid manufacturers have taken advantage of the size to add lots of features into hearing aids, like data logging.

Hearing aids are less visible now than in years past. Today the most popular style is the receiver-in-the-ear style. The hearing aid sits behind the ear and has a thin wire connecting it to a receiver or speaker that sits in the ear. The receiver may just have a replaceable dome on it or be incased in a custom mold.

As the baby boomers are entering retirement, they are noticing they are not hearing as well as they used to. More baby boomers are purchasing hearing aids to hear and enjoy their families. Tech savvy baby boomers enjoy the features available in most hearing aids, like Bluetooth connectivity. It is so convenient to talk with the grandchildren hands-free!

More Colorful Hearing Aid Options

For years, hearing aids came in two colors, beige or dark brown. Like eyeglass frames, you can now purchase colors. Colors that are now available include blue, pink, red, yellow, silver, grey, black, brown, dark brown, clear, or hearing aids can be matched with the color of the wearer’s hair so they become “invisible” to others.

People who are hearing impaired and realize the importance of hearing sometimes want to show off their hearing aids. Being able to hear and be connected to the world around them is important to living a full life.

Children often choose their favorite color for their hearing aids. Wearing hearing aids can be a stigma, but when they are colorful and more fun, it can be more acceptable. Some people decide on different colors so the right hearing aid is a different color than the left hearing aid.

Hearing Better Looks Good on You

There are over 38 million Americans with hearing loss. Unfortunately, only a small minority of people with hearing loss wear hearing aids. With today’s personalized options and small sleek designs, hearing aids are becoming attractive to those with hearing loss.

Wearing hearing aids and being part of the conversation is surely less noticeable than any hearing aid. Visit an audiologist to try the latest features in hearing aid technology.