Following guidelines of local, state and federal health officials, the CDC and the WHO, we have begun re-opening our hearing centers. However, the health of our patients, hearing care professionals and associates remains our top priority. For more information and a list of the locations that are open, click here.

Buying Hearing Aids at Big Box Stores

Buying From a Hearing Aid Store with an Audiologist Versus a Big Box Location

The thought of going into a doctor’s office to undergo a hearing screening can be terrifying. In fact, many people are so daunted by the prospect of an exam that they skip over the hearing evaluation and start treating themselves. After all, hearing aids are widely available online and even in some big box stores—why waste time on an appointment when you could have the cure delivered right to your door?

The Benefits of Purchasing a Hearing Aid From Your Local Audiologist

While it may seem tempting to buy a hearing aid along with your weekly groceries, there are definite downsides to the do-it-yourself approach. Consider the following advantages of getting a hearing aid fitted by a trained professional:

  • Optimizing your hearing ability. When you purchase a hearing aid from an online retailer, you get a hearing aid and instructions: that’s it. Hearing aids are pre-programmed to accommodate the most common types and levels of hearing loss, but these will not necessarily match your own needs. An audiologist can program your chosen device specifically using the results of your audiogram or hearing test, ensuring maximum and personalized hearing comfort.
  • Trained service providers. Salespeople at big box stores may not be not required to have any training on the hearing devices they sell, and may be just as lost as you are when picking out the right device for you. In most states, persons who are licensed to dispense hearing aids must meet minimum requirements and have expertise in adjusting devices to a patient’s particular needs and wants. Our audiologists hold doctorate degrees as well as experience in programming and fitting hearing aids.
  • Support for local business. Small businesses provide more jobs in the U.S. than the big companies, and provide the backbone of our economy. Your local audiology practice is staffed by members of your community who are very grateful for your loyalty, and will work to ensure that your experience is positive and fulfilling to make sure you will choose them for your future hearing needs.

Consider Us Before Other Hearing Aid Stores

Let us ease your fears about the hearing restoration process. Our board-certified audiologists have forged lifelong relationships with our customers, allowing patients of all ages to hear better for the rest of their lives. Call the number on this page or fill out our online contact formto learn more about our services.